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The Online Model Examination is developed to enable the candidate to assess his level of preparation for the DGCA written examinations. This system of examination has question papers prepared on DGCA examination pattern and are available for all the subjects including Paper 4 (Specific to Aircraft and Engines). Each paper has been carefully designed and allows the candidate to assess himself/herself and identify the weak areas, which will help them to focus more on the topics where scope of improvement is needed prior to commencement of actual examination conducted by DGCA.

The primary objective of this exercise is to simulate the examinations conducted by DGCA.

A candidate desirous of having access to Question Bank should pay a membership fee of Rs. 500/- for each session of examination. On receipt of payment, the candidate will be informed of his password through email to log in and get access to the Question Bank and On-line Model examinations. A candidate on becoming member can view the Question Bank for 12 hours (Need not necessarily at one stretch) and can also attempt three on-line model examination question papers, upon completion of which the membership will be automatically ceased to exist.

If a candidate wants to have exclusive access to online model examination (Not question Bank) can attempt Eight on line model examination question papers of his/ her choice for the same membership fees.

To become a member candidate may fill up the membership form prescribed under MEMBERSHIP DETAILS of this website and can remit their membership fees through ICICI Bank in the account No.........   

Note : To subscribe the facility of Online Model Examination Please login.