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BSC Aircraft Maintenance Engineering admission open for AME Students
IIASTM appointed by Singhania University as a Nodal Centre in India as an Independent body without any prejudice and Approved by DGCA more...
DGCA (Central Examination Organisation) conducts written examination for issue of licenses to Pilots and Engineers.
CEO has its office located at
East Block III,
R. K. Puram,
New Delhi - 110060
e-mail -
CEO conducts examination for Pilots and Engineers as per the Examination Schedule published in the beginning of the year. In general, Pilot examination are conducted every month whereas the engineers examination is conducted three times a year in the months of February, June and October.

The list of admitted candidates and the results are provided on website for the general view of the public
Flight Crew Licenses

DGCA issues the following flight crew licenses under the provisions of Rule 38 and Schedule II of the Aircraft Rules, 1937.

  • Light Aeroplane
  • Heavy Aeroplane
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft
  • Gas Turbine Engines
  • Piston Engines
Section 7 - Flight Crew Standards, Training and Licensing of the Civil Aviation Requirements gives the syllabus for the examination and procedure for issue/ extension for flight crew licenses.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Licences to engineers for maintenance of aircraft / engines/ components are issued by DGCA under the provision of Rule 61 of the Aircraft Rules, 1937.

The procedure for issue of licences has been given in Section 2 - Airworthiness (Series 'L') of the Civil Aviation Requirements.

DGCA also issues civil licenses (pilots and engineers) to Defense personnel - The licenses are issued in accordance with the Procedure given in Civil Aviation Requirements  Section 1 - General Series 'A' Part I.
Training Schools

DGCA requires approval of the training schools before they can undertake training of personnel for issue of pilot/ engineer licenses.

Flying Training School - Civil Aviation Requirements Section 7 Series 'D' Part I gives the procedure and the minimum requirements relating to infrastructure, procedures and manpower for grant of approval for undertaking flying training activities for pilots for issue of licenses.

AME Training School - Civil Aviation Requirements Section 2 Series 'E' Part VIII gives the procedure and the minimum requirements relating to infrastructure, procedures and manpower for grant of approval for undertaking training activities for engineers for issue of licenses.
Civil Aviation Medicine

The primary activity of the Medical Section of DGCA is the performance of medical assessments required for the certification of Licensed Aviation Personnel. The DGCA issues medical assessment in accordance with the International Standards and Recommended Practices as contained in ICAO Annex 1 and as stipulated in Rule 39B of the Aircraft Rules, 1937.

Related Information
Recognition of Foreign Licenses

DGCA generally recognizes foreign ICAO member state Type II licenses for work on Indian registered aircraft. The procedure given in AAC 5 of 1998 for Grant of approval to Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Engineers is the followed in such cases.

For conversion of foreign licenses to corresponding Indian licenses, the guidelines of AIC 13/1991 are followed.

AIC 23/1992  gives the  the requirements regarding extension    of    aircraft    rating   of Multi-Engined  Aircraft   and   instrument rating  on  an  Indian  Licence  based on training acquired in a foreign state.

For grant of approval to a Foreign Flight Engineer's Licence holder, AAC 6 of 1998 is followed.